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Do You Belong in The Gutsball Hall of Fame?

Do You Belong in The Gutsball Hall of Fame?

There are a couple of reasons we chose to call this “The Gutsball Blog.”  One is that “Gutsball” was the working title for my book (nka “Out Executing The Competition”) until the publisher had other ideas and I had a felt need to use the term somewhere, somehow.  But I’d like to think the most important reason is that the ability to play gutsball is a characteristic common to most real leaders.  In scanning through my previous blogs, you’ll see that leadership and what makes for great leadership is a rather recurring theme.

Right about now, if you haven’t read the book (Shame on you!  Don’t you want to be enlightened?!), you may be saying to yourself, “Hang on, gutsball?  What the heck is this guy talking about?”  So, for those of you who need it, permit me to elucidate:

--Gutsball    Noun:  The ability to overcome apprehension or anxiety and to rise to the occasion.  2. To feel free to take action while acknowledging potential consequences, but not fearing them.

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